Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fair And Balanced

So, when the Discovery Channel decided to announce that they were pretty sure they had found Jesus' tomb with Jesus in it, it made quite a splash.

To their credit, Time reported that a year later, scholars saw it differently. Kind of.

But this article seems to make it clear that the scholars were less divided than Time's reporting. James Cameron and the Discovery Channel were wrong..

Josh Pope's Record Deal?

Josh was given an amazing opportunity to perform for a record producer and wowed him so much that within an hour, he was offered a contract. Nothing has been signed, so stay tuned....

Happy Birthday, Kirin!

Kirin turned 45 this year. That is unquestionably as old as Kirin has ever been. Kirin is the first brat from the first group of Batiansila kids. She and Heidi represent the only Batiansilas to graduate from a non-Concordia.

Kirin has done it all through 45 years. As Liz Chantel, she danced her way to bus fare. She was a finalist in Ms. Fitness USA contest. She was an All-American in track at UW-Lacrosse where she also made the Dean's List. She reads books. She has two great kids and a loving husband.

Kirin is the athletic director at a Christian school in Madison (yes, they have those in Madison). She's always taken the time to be our sister and remember family, so we're remembering her here. A day late.

High School Musical

Phew. Jen finally gets a week of rest after doing three casts of High School Musical at two separate performing arts centers.
Yay! Selah was able to perform and enjoy herself as one of the cheerleaders for East High School in her cast of High School Musical. (you'll see her looking up from signing autographs in the photo album - and that really happened. For the kids who came to this show, being on the cast was about as big a thing as any you could do.
Wow! Izzi absolutely nailed her part as Coach Bolton, a part written for a male which required her to play a strong and overbearing basketball coach.
And what a special time for the girls when Omi and Grandpa Du came to see a performance.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Apolinario Batiansila Sr.

Andreas recently visited Bat's father's grave. Apparently there's no marker there, but Andreas used a map and found the site. BNS is on this story and will get you more information as soon as Andreas can give it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

God Commanded It...And It's Good For You?

Yup. As the studies pile up that show how God's laws and commands to us are not just vapid rules from a distant being, but actually good for us, maybe we have a whole new reason to spread the Good News to everyone.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Presidential Race. Er, Noose.

This week, BNS will explore zackly where Bat and Christa stand on this whole presidential mess. Could it be that the Republican nominee believes that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri? I guess we could discuss whether we think Mormonism is a cult...but can't we agree on the level of incredible misguided history and science employed by Mormonism and if we want the leader of the free world to hold those misguided tenets?

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Kellen Stats

17 points and 10 boards. Sheboygan Lutheran tried a box and one against him.

Kellen, Izzi, Teia ....A Little More Permanent Digs

Kellen, Izzi and Teia, known best around these parts as "the big kids," will be staying with their dad fulltime for the forseeable future. So for all you "big kids" fans, look them up in West Bend. Please keep them in your prayers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Site:

You'll see this guy on the Christian channels, and he looks...well, he looks odd. But he's a very thorough and certainly a very compelling speaker. And a very logical thinker. Check out this site, for example, here's his answer to how long were the days during Creation.

Latest Kellen Stats

Kellen's game on Friday vs. St. John's Delafield: 28 points, 10 boards. They won, and the team scored a total of 50 points.

An Outspoken Christian (Who Happens To Have Won Two Oscars)

Wow. Talk about not wavering and really telling reporters who you are. Denzel Washington shows his faith and dogged determination in this interview. I have to admit that my first thought was...wait, Denzel's kid plays pro football for the Rams? Answer: Yep. Now, that's a gifted family. I mean, it's not Batiansila family.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Selah Update

This blog won't be about Selah, but frankly, it's turned the BNS into mush as we all try to reassemble and assimilate the new rules.

What's happening is this: Selah's immune system has turned on her own body and is in the process of killing all the cells inside her that create insulin, the substance that helps to process sugar. Thanks to the attentiveness of Selah's mom, we were able to catch her body in the process of doing this. So Selah's body is still in the process of losing all its insulin-making cells. When they're all gone, they're gone.

In the "old days," diagnosis of diabetes would mean that the child was admitted for a few weeks into the hospital as the child and her family became accustomed to what was next. Today, the child goes home and there are a series of vital meetings with the diabetes clinic as they get you used to what is to come. Shots begin right away. Selahs was put on a rigid diet (rigid specifically about total carbohydrates) (you can find those on every label of food you find) and her blood sugar is monitored, recorded, and reported.

The hospital takes all this info and begins to see a pattern of how the kid will react to certain levels of carbs at certain times of the day. She'll end up with a more flexible eating arrangement capable of allowing for everyday life.

The blood test stick hurts more than the shot, and both are pricks. In a way, the hardest part is the constant nature of the sticks and shots, not the individual ones. In Selah's first ten days of pricks and shots, she's already acquired some bruises from what is and will be her daily routine.

Selah is doing ok. She lost a week of school and getting used to the rigidity of the diet along with catching up with the schoolwork has her a little frustrated and lost. And she keeps getting a lot of attention she isn't sure she wants or knows what to do with.

All Selah's family can tell you is that it's your prayers that has lifted and buoyed us through this time. We are strengthened by the positive realities of this disease -that it is treatable and manageable.

This life isn't about Selah and not about her family. But we are grateful that God loves us like it is. And we're going to keep trying to make it through because He wants us to.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Selah's Diabetes

On January 7th, Selah - Greg's fourth - was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, meaning her body does not make insulin. The insulin has to be injected into her throughout the day and night to meet her needs. This is an enormous change for Selah and her family. There's no more casual snacks, no more grazing throughout the day. Ever. What goes in to her body needs to be accounted for so that the proper amount of insulin is placed in her through injections for the rest of her life.

The good news is, her condition was caught at very early stages and damage to her body by extremely high glucose levels was nonexistent. The good news is that Selah is now in the hands of doctors who can guide her dosages to make sure she remains healthy and grows to the beautiful woman she will be.

Pray for Selah and her family as she and they deal with all the changes that will occur.

More Health News

BNS sincerely apologizes for the hiccup in information. Health still is a big issue everywhere. While most of us have returned from the Luxemburger virus, Greg was beset with an ear infection. Jen was in the emergency room on Christmas Day for help with a sinus/ear infection of her own. Aaron dealt with some exploratory surgery, and Phil also needed extra time to recover from a year-end surgery.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

What Happened. (AKA The Incubator)

Members of the BNS converged on Omi & Grandpa Du's house to enjoy family, fun, cousins and Omi's birthday.

Everyone had a great time. Some left with a knee-bending, knock you over virus. Greg found himself at an urgent care on New Year's Eve with a 102.5 fever. Knocked over.

The list of infected is like a snow closing list: Andreas, Greg, Deirdre, Selah (Gen 1), Aidan, Ethan, Brennick (Gen 2).


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