Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do Antidepressants Work?

Time Magazine wonders if these pills are really doing what we thought they were. I'm not here to tell you they don't work, or never did. But there certainly are a lot of questions about what's going on.

"You Have Apparently Done Well."

BNS notes perhaps the best compliment you can get if you defraud the government and abuse the sympathies of others. Welcome to New Orleans.

Better Days

BNS would like to show a song by Robbie Seay that's ministered to Greg through the past days. Robbie's voice has all the gravel of a life lived.

Better Days
by Robbie Seay

First of all, thanks for listening to our song,
We hope this finds you driving in your car,
Or wherever you are,
Breathe out and breathe again,
Know that life is hard,
But it's worth the breathing.
Listen to me now,
For love, oh love,
It's waiting for you just to say:

Here come better days,
And here come better days,
Better days, and a better place I know.

Secondly, I'm all messed up so royally,
And I stumbled my way here,
But wait, oh wait,
Grace has found me,
Shaken up my soul,
Grace will follow,
Wherever you will go,
Listen to me now for grace, oh grace,
Is calling for you just to say:

Here come better days
And here come better days,
Better days, and a better place I know.

Green grass, and I'm laying in the sunlight of You,
And the wind is moving through the trees ushering You,
And the better days you bring, the better places found,
Feasting at Your table I am overwhelmed,
I lift my glass and drink to love that never gave up,
Clouds pass fading into memories gone,
And all I have to show for life is life and love and peace.
What else could there be?

Here come better days,
And here come better days,
Better days, and a better place i know...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Give Me Nobel - The Earth Is Cooling

Shh. Please don't tell the Nobel committee about the single fastest change in temperatures ever recorded. Does this mean I can use more than a single sheet of toilet paper?

Friday Night Lights Revived

BNS realizes the danger of recommending a TV show. If we convinced Bat and Christa to watch "Happy Days" with us, then that was the episode where Richie went to inspiration point.

But we'll stand by our strong recommendation of the best show on TV, and we're glad that somehow, it survived another season.

Zoe Update

The latest scan showed a 5 lb, 10 ounce little girl who is seated very comfortably in a breach position inside her mother. BNS uses the word "seated" because her legs are bent forward so that her feet are up by her mouth and hands. Zoe's mom watched as Zoe played with her feet. She seemed very comfortable.

While there is still time for her to shift, if Zoe remains in her comfortable seated position, she'll have to come out of her mom via a c-section.

The doctor has informed Jen that if Jen does not go into labor by March 20, then Zoe will come out that day.

Zoe's heart is strong but will still require surgery, probably when she's 6-9 months old.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lament The Passing of Friday Night Lights

NBC is hinting that the best show on television, Friday Night Lights, is not going to be renewed. Brilliantly acted, written and shot, this is the only show in the history of television that showed Christians positively and even normal. For those who missed it, you missed something special.

Hope For Selah

News is reporting a possible cure for type 1 Diabetes, although it appears caught in the stem cell quagmire. Hopefully stem cells created in this way can be used. And hopefully Selah can someday not have to give her self five or six shots a day.

Semper Reformandi

Recent back and forth discussions with Keaton and further talks with Bat, Christa and Deirdre show that we're all wondering where the Church and our churches are headed. There is no doubt that this is a moment of change. Barack Obama's church has 8,500 members. Willow Creek Church has 10,000 members. Two Ozaukee County LCMS churches total over 6,000 members combined.

BNS notes a lot of dread about a shift towards these large congregations, how they're governed, and what their goals are. Recently the head of Willow Creek Church apologized after he studied his own massive church population.

Some of this change is beyond our control. But how we govern the change, and how we make sure we're leading a flock efficaciously and as Christ would, should be the focus of church leaders at Willow Creek, St. Louis and everywhere.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Zoe Update

The latest scan of Zoe's heart showed the same heart defect, but the heart is still strong. The surgeon saw no signs that she'd have to operate on Zoe's heart immediately after birth. The goal at this time is to operate when she's around 6 months old.

Zoe is around average length, but is underweight and her stomach is undersized. At this time, none of the professionals has seen this as a concern.

We're at t-minus 5 weeks....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ol' Racist Mr. Bush.

"This is the triumph of American policy really," he said. "It was probably unexpected of the man. It was expected of the nation, but not of the man, but both rose to the occasion."

I'm sure if you let them think long enough, people with Bush Derangement Syndrome will come up with a reason why Bob Geldof said the above about W. Bush.

"We Can Change The World" trumpets a certain someone running for office. Do you mean, like overthrowing tyrannical dictators, quieting Islamic and/or Korean nuts with nukes? Like showing American compassion to Africa while Americans (and certain someones) turned a blind eye?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Du's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Bat turns...I don't know how old he turns, but he has a real birthday this year! In order to properly celebrate this rare occasion, the adult family members will be celebrating at a special place in the Milwaukee area on Friday, and then the entire family - however many assemble - will celebrate at Deirdre's megachurch in Grafton, Wisconsin.

Please email Deirdre if you are interested or want to send well wishes.

And talk about Cuz Chat - how about Cuz Disco? Turnabout dance is on Friday, the 29th at Teia, Isabel and Kellen's high school. Alexis, Drew, and Connor have been invited to boogie!

At this time, it is our understanding that the Heidis will not be attending, and that the Andreas's will only be appearing via live satellite telecast.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama's Christianity: Oppression, Liberation, And None Of That Whitey Religion

I only put this putrid interview up so you could hear Obama's pastor, who is very popular but is a nutjob, continually beseech (sometimes rather testily) Hannity to read books by "Cone." The Cone referred to is James Cone, who wrote "A Black Theology of Liberation."

Here's a quote by Cone. Cone says, "The most corrupting influence among the black churches was their adoption of the `white lie' that Christianity is primarily concerned with another world reality.", (Cone, Black Theology and Black Power, p. 121)

Another life in heaven is not the concern of blacks. They desire the opportunity to enjoy and determine their lives now in this life. Cone comments on this view, "If eschatology means that one believes that God is totally uninvolved in the suffering of men because he is preparing them for another world, then Black Theology is not eschatological. Black Theology is an earthly theology!"(
Cone, Black Theology and Black Power, p. 123)

You see, whitey incorrectly taught the blacks to look to another life, a heaven where they'd be free. And, according to Black Liberation Theologians, that was all wrong.

The central theme of Black Liberation Theology is oppression. Salvation is being freed from oppression.

If you're wondering when Black Liberation Theology is going to mention Christ in the context of "central themes" and "salvation", you might be waiting a while. In this view, Jesus understood oppression and was one of the most oppressed people ever. But the whole "other world"...."eschataological" That's all whitey. I think whitey translated the Dead Sea Scrolls, too.

Just trying to let you put this all in context the next time you see Mr. Obama talk about being a Christian and having faith. What was our problem with Romney again?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why We Celebrate Valentine's Day

We celebrate Valentine's Day because we love to love. Bat and Christa have set a shining example of loving proactively and tenderly through 50 years.

We also celebrate Valentine's Day because it angers insane Islamic nuts.

Apolinario Batiansila Sr. RIP

Andreas found his grandfather's burial site. He knew what cemetery in San Francisco to look at, since the name of the cemetery was displayed on the death certificate. So he and Jill went there on a Sunday. A good part of it was just empty grass. They thought they'd see a map or a legend explaining who was where, but they didn't find anything.

For some reason, there was an older man on site who left the maintenance shack. He approached them and they asked him if he knew where to find Apolinario Batiansila. The man went to a map that was on canvas or cloth of some kind. He looked and found where the site should be.

Andreas and Jill tried to find it, but they couldn't and this same man helped them determine where to look.

The gravesite is empty. There's no stone, no marking. Andreas made a cross from some sticks and put it at the site.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Focus On ....BERNAY!

BNS had a chance to interview Renee, the fourth Bat.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven in a car? When was it?

I think I hit 80-something the other day when I passed the slow-poke in front of me on my way to Merrill - late for a wrestling meet. He decided to speed up as I was passing him - I had no choice. It was not fun. The fastest I've driven while having a good time would have been

read here!

Sunday In The Park

Mixing it up with Keaton was so fun. Reminds BNS of what it's like to mix it up on Sundays.

Kellen keeps asking BNS if any current players are like Jordan. Watch and decide.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008







My family is so helpful!

I love my family!

My family is like a big ring of fire protecting ME

I love my family!

By selah

Zoe Update

Zoe's latest scan took place this past Thursday. Her growth is still well within expectations, although her stomach is at about 30th percentile for growth. Her heart continues to work well, despite the defect, and the Doctor (who by the way, is the same professional working on Tracey)says that at this time, he is not worried about the stomach growth. Keep praying! We're at T-Minus 6 weeks.

See Any Of These?

Christianity Today has picked it's most redeeming films of 2007. I saw exactly..two.

I thought "Ratatouille" was very good and had a powerful message. I think it was not as good a movie nor as good a message as "The Incredibles." (which was made by the same director/writer/film company.)

I thought "Amazing Grace" was good but could have been better. I wanted to see more of his personal wrestling. I felt like I was watching it, not feeling it. Part of the problem was that the film's plot turned almost entirely on scenes in the House of Parliament. If there had been one clinching, incredible scene there, and then many smaller scenes where we see his change, watch him change, I would have been there.

Comment back with any thoughts on the movies you've seen.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wait A Minute There, Skinny..

Special for you all on this Fat Tuesday Eve: This article can be used as a great excuse for supersizing that value meal. MMMMMM. Value Meals.

Nice Catch

BNS recalls how Bat would take Greg out to Pratt Park and make him walk up the field while Bat would throw the ball over each shoulder. Over and over. Practice makes good hands. Over and over.

You never know what you'll need those good hands for.

Fun With Snowplows

We're not sure what these reporters are doing out there anyway. I think that's what the snowplow guy was thinking.

Could We Get A Little More Warming?

I won't steal the fire from this blogger. He has it just right. Especially since it took me almost three hours to get home from work tonight.

This headline brings it home...

But just in case you haven't seen it, there is some obvious global warming. On Neptune. And Triton. And Mars. And Jupiter. I think it's because of the excessive use of plastic bags. And because of Al Gore's carbon credits he bought in space dollars.

Here's some additional thoughts from the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meterology at MIT. I think that's the same degree Sheryl Crow has. Oh, wait. I don't think she has a meterology degree. I didn't mean Sheryl Crow. I meant Leo DiCaprio. Oh, shoot. Him either.

What Christians Do

This article sounds a mite cold and imperialistic, comparing wealth and education (which rust and moths destroy) between Christian and Islamic countries. Could it be that the education and wealth extended by Christianity are simply elements of God's blessing? In other words, beyond the practical - that Christians care about the poor, want and almost require everyone to be literate - there is an element of God blessing those who bless Him and cursing those who curse him?

The Gospel According To Starbucks

It's a little unfair to judge this guy without reading his book. What think you of his point...that the Church has settled on a "print" mentality while society has moved on? That the Church lacks or has lost or is losing its connection because its still holding on to a method of connecting that doesn't connect (I think that's what he's saying)?

Friday, February 01, 2008

CUZ CHAT: Teia and Cale

The Cousins are at it again..this time Teia interviews Renee and Jim's kid, Cale.

Teia: who has influenced your life the most in your life?
Cale: Probably my dad, because he has tought me so much and he's just awesome
Teia: that's really neat. your dad is really cool.

read more!!

Simple Things

Here's something Teia put together with some simple tools. It's a neat view of her world...

Six Degrees

I think the BNS allows Greg on Fridays to have a link to something somewhat insane and possibly not completely Batblogesque.

But this was too good to pass up...Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...Six Degrees Of Stark Naked. Discuss.

Where Are We Going And Why Are We In A Handbasket?

A twentysomething year old guy walked into my office the other day. He said he was on the other side of the building talking to a co-worker and heard that I knew something about Christian music. Could I help him learn what are some good bands out now?

I waited for him to smile or laugh or cuss. Because people at my work are cynical about Christian music. Actually, the most cynical people at my work are the Christians.

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Isabel interviewed Minte. Or vice versa. Does it matter? Ummmm.
(note from Isabel: I am "me." Minte is "your.")

hows your boyfriend?
Your: fantastic
i miss him though
right now he's in the congo
shooting a new movie
he hasn't had a lot of time to call me either
me: ahahahaha
i hate it when that happens
yeha mine is in india
hes helping dying bugs
hes feeding them kiwi
Your: well thats noble
me: he hasnt written me since two hours ago
Your: of him to do that

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