Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Origins

Here's a link to where Christa is from - Hameln, where she attended high school and where her little brother, Uwe, was born. Hameln is famous for the Pied Piper story, which apparently is only partly true. I have it on good authority that the piper was later fined for animal cruelty.

If you had any doubts about where this site was written, note the "Dear Visitor!" A greeting that reminds me of every single card and letter from my Oma. And when I'd walk into a room, for that matter. "Now, Greg!" she'd call.

50 Years Ago Today She Couldn't Say No

In Baton Rouge, Bat got down on his knee and asked Christa to marry him. She said yes. It was raining torrents outside, and Christa's home was nearby, so they walked home in the rain. Christa remembers - but can't explain why - going home, going upstairs and changing into a formal white dress she had worn to a formal at LSU, and danced around for joy with her engagement ring.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Heidi called me on Saturday. I'm walking through the store and she asked me if I knew a Christmas goes "Jooooyy.....".

Don't ask me to replicate what she sang. It didn't matter. "JOOOOYYY..."

So, if you know the song, let me know. I couldn't get it.

Turns out Heidi is considering trying out for a play, and was trying to locate the song. I'm not sure if it's called "Jooooyy..." or if that's the chorus. Heidi's still on the fence about trying out for the play...I'll keep you posted.

Isabel and Selah tried out and received parts in High School Musical. Izzi is in the Jocks and an extra audition person (where she gets to try out however she wants) (I know that if you don't know anything about High School Musical, that meant nothing) and Selah is a cheerleader!

OOH! And Teia and Isabel's choir was chosen from many entrants to sing with the Milwaukee Symphony in November. They will be performing, among other pieces, "Messiah." And perhaps, "Joooyy."

The Renaissance Man From Wausau

I have a bottle of vanilla on my counter. It is, to carry on the longstanding Du adjective, "special" so I don't use it for the ordinary things. Just special desserts and breakfasts. It was made by my brother-in-law Jim.

Jim's the only guy I know who can play the guitar and sew a quilt, change your brakes or make you vanilla. At the last big family gathering, Jim made seafood poboys for the whole crew. It wasn't just that they tasted great. The smell of that fried seafood filled the room. Made you want to put a little extra shake of Tabasco on them.

Jim and Renee live in Wausau with their boys now, and the last time I spoke to Renee she indicated they were in the midst of football season, and swamped. But I hope all that business up there doesn't keep the guy from creating. Might be the one thing he and his Heavenly Father have most in common.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Batiansila Origins

One thing I was never able to express well at the other site was where things started. And by started, I mean, where did Dad learn his islander lingo? Why the propensity to running around naked (I'll ask mom for those Charis pictures)?

Bat was able to visit with his cousin Vicente before his death. Vicente explained that Batiansila is actually a misspelling of the name Batiancila. The Batiancilas all originated from Bantayan, Cebu, the Philippines.

I think it'd be fun to walk around there, although I'm not sure what I'd be looking for. Maybe someone who could also explain the fertility thing.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Festival

I'm going to hate leaving Cedarburg. It's just one of the best places in the world. Here's some pictures from their Wine and Harvest Festival, which includes a grape stomp at the winery and all kinds of booths and music and food. And Hello Kitty.

Three Crazy Kids

Here's some pics of Teia, Izzi and Minte. I'm not sure what to tell you, folks. They're like this.

Late Breaking ...October Anniversaries Added

Martina & Paul will be celebrating their 11th Anniversary in October, and
Tari & Aaron will be celebrating their 8th! Check the calendar for dates.


Gabriella Josephine Weyde was born June 1 to Martina and Paul. That's their second baby. She was baptized June 23rd.

Brette Alina Schauer was born June 12 to Tari and Aaron. That's their third child. She was baptized August 3rd.

Payton Frederick Laabs was born to Charis and Bryan. That's their second child. He was baptized on August 19th.

That makes 31 grandchildren...and counting...

Everyone is happy and healthy and I'll try to get some pictures up for you.


Thank you all for your prayers for Selah and our family through the past days and weeks. For those of you who missed the craziness, Selah had a seizure on June 4 which resulted in a 911 call and all kinds of tests.

Later in the summer, Selah's doctor indicated that her EEG showed she had a tendency to seizures. This further perplexed and worried her dad and her family.

On Monday, September 17, I met with Selah's doctor. He kind of looked like Ben Stein and Mr. Rogers crossed. The doctor began our session with these words: "I have nothing but good news for you."

He went on to explain that Selah had what he called "Benign Focal Seizures (or Epilepsy) of Childhood". He said it didn't qualify as Epilepsy because it was just one seizure, and that she may never have a seizure again. Selah should grow out of her condition by pre-adolescence.

As I left, he gave me some information referring to this. So I guess it's the same thing? All I know is I'm grateful and thankful that God answered my - our - prayers in this way. He'd still be merciful God with other answers. But He and I saw eye to eye on this one. Imagine that.

The Duck and the Bear

Dad and I spent a little time talking about the Duck and the Bear. I think next, I talk to each kid and have them recall the Duck and the Bear. Will that get boring? You might find out. If you don't know about the Duck and the Bear, you obviously didn't eat breakfast made by Dad.

Remembering Mrs. Hasz

Longtime friend of the Batiansilas Carl Hasz has a deeper link to the Bats and Luxemburg than many realize. Mom and Dad share about Carl's mother, who just passed away and is resting in Jesus' arms.

Addendum...Dad follows up with a great story about tomatoes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

October: Birthday Month

Greg and Jen's third anniversary is in the rearview mirror, and I missed Drew's birthday. Sorry, Drew. But October is the big ole' grandaddy of event months, so I'll work on keeping you updated. First up: Piera, who turns 19 on October 3. Next up...Lisey, who turns 6 on October 7.

A New Beginning

Hey....It got to me. It was hard to balance the html and java and flash and domain and everything at So, we'll try this. I'll do my level best to keep you up to date with everything that I know of that's going on.

Right now, I know of nothing that's going on. But I'm sure something is going on somewhere. You all can call or email with things that are coming up or going on.


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