Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robbie's BAAACK!

Robbie Seay is going to be playing in the area on November 8 free for nothin'. I'm so excited to see him again and he's performing with Bethany Dillon, who is really fun, too.

Please join us out there if you can.

Robbie'd love to see you, too.

"come out..bring us spread the word..and of course BRING ZOE!!!!! would be a thrill to see friends

Another Round

Bat's fighting hard. Weight gain has dropped off and he's struggling to keep food down since Sunday. Please, God, continue to give him days.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

oh! happiness

Jen graciously got me tickets to see David Crowder* Band on Saturday. We drove a piece in the noisy mufflermobile but the concert was spectacular.

David Crowder, you see, is equal bits jester and genius. He's odd and profound. His concert was zackly like him.

Best of all, I was able to meet DC after the show and confirm that yes, Robbie Seay's account of him meeting Richard Simmons in the airport was true. Robbie Seay says this was the meeting of the two strangest men in the world.

How To Wake Up On Your Birthday

Hear Zoe crying. Realize she slept for almost 4 hours in a row. Go make her a bottle. Play.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shadow of Death Part II

A friend of Jen's family, TC, an aspiring actor and artist, was shot last week in California. Please keep him in your prayers.

The Shadow of Death

Pray for Little Chloe and her dad. One of the blog readers - and St. Mipps' sister - worked with Chloe's mom.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Eye of a Needle

We had the rich man/eye of a needle sermon yesterday. I struggle with the sermon because the verse doesn't seem to say it's hard for a rich man to go to heaven - it seems to say it's impossible.

I had heard from my Religion teacher in 11th Grade religion that the "eye of the needle" was a gate in Jerusalem. This apparently is not true. That even seems tougher on me. I had found a nice place where entry to heaven, while hard, was somewhat possible for a rich man.

It sounds like the verse is actually using Hebraic hyperbole to explain the difficulty. And, come to think of it, Christ did say a tree was sticking out of the guy's eye in the previous verse. I was okay with that. Shows my inconsistency.

ZOE (string)BEAN

Zoe had a run in over the last few weeks with a possible infection. I'm sorry, folks...but the last few weeks have rivaled any in my life in terms of being busy but Zoe became very upset and in those instances, our medical position is to treat an infection - even before there is hard evidence of one.

In this case, Zoe received a series of shots in her legs over three days. By the middle of day 2, she was returning from being really uncomfortable. She still has the little scar/bruises on her legs now.

BUT...the big news is that she is up to 12 pounds, 14 ounces. A long, too-skinny, but GROWING stringbean.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In honor of Bat's progress, I present this guy and his incredible range:

Go Bat, Goooooo

Bat has his bad days and his good days. Just recently, he followed up a bad day with a markedly good day. Christa asked him what happened. He told her he had changed his underwear. I think clean underwear therapy is a direction medicine should look into.

...and then there's great days. Yesterday, Bat's doctor said he is cleared to drive. Gentle reader, I know you've heard me explaining Bat's terrible, terrible condition and his "Final Approach": the Pilot has spoken. Landing has been delayed.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

Talked to Bat on the phone the other day and...I'll call him and get a recording up here soon. He's doing really well. Put on three pounds. He's joking around and back to being one of the smartest guys in the room.

Kirin says he has his off days. I bet. I might have off weeks. But it's wonderful to hear a voice you never thought you'd hear telling you he loves you. Not a bad October Surprise.

Elise's Birthday

Today is Elise's birthday. It's amazing to see kids slowly becoming who they are. Just when you think Elise's big sister Selah is silly, you see Elise pull of a wacky voice or a goofy laugh and dance.

Elise loves being here with her brothers and sisters. It's here she gets to be both a big sister and a little sister, and it's obvious she relishes both.

Aidan will always politely ask, "Dad, tonight, can i sweep wif Lisey?"

Something tells me Lisey and he tell stories and scratch each other's backs like Erin and I did 35 years ago. (Yes Erin, we're that old.)

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


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