Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christians Behaving Badly

Tertullian noted in the Third Century how the kindness of the Church was observed by those outside the Church: "See how they love one another!"

I'd like to think that back in the day, everything was better than it was today, but I have a feeling it wasn't. I bet you there were disputes over religion, war, politics and sex. I bet that families were stressed, money was short, and persecution was everywhere. 

In other words, I bet lots of things were the same. 

I also have noted a modern myopia - we tend to ignore the massive, unparalleled generosity and kindness of our own Church, to millions worldwide. I think of the big "religion" video where the rapper/poet tried to pretend that the Church WASN'T ministering globally, wasn't helping the poor. 

All said, I still wonder if in our lives, if people are seeing us loving each other. I just read this article about some Christian filmmakers and some filmmakers who are Christians getting sideways about...I don't know. Something stupid. Perceptions and perceived realities. But being rather public about not getting along. 

I get it. We're human, and we're opinionated, and we will not have great accord. But can we have love? Is this the best the Kirk Cameron people can do for their brothers? What would happen if they had swallowed their opinion and just loved? What would have changed? Would the Cross have been misrepresented? I don't think so. 

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