Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Phase 1 of Leaving Eden Completed

Jen and I worked hard on our performance of "Noises Off" that we produced, directed and starred in last fall. Jen, her brother Josh, and my buddy Dave Sapiro (heretofore referred to as "Sap") blew the roof off of the place with their acting. It was a great play done super well.

The overall reaction we got was: "Wow! That was good!"

See, they were surprised at the high level achieved because most thought they were coming to a cute little play put on by a nice couple and their friends. And it wasn't. It was actually good.

We're at it again.

I wrote a pilot for a web series we hope to shoot and produce called "Leaving Eden." I made sure to run it by a number of folks, and I really like it. We've even talked about the shooting style we'll employ, what it will take to shoot it, and discussed characterizations, the music, all kinds of things. We hope to start some test shooting in April.

The series will focus on a pastor of a Lutheran church, his wife, and a vicar that has just arrived. Our goal is to make it about the Bible like Friday Night Lights was about football - it's a necessary part of the story, but the goal isn't to make a show about the Bible. It's about these people and their lives.

I'm hoping to employ a variant of the handheld, documentary style used in Friday Night Lights (sense a theme?)...which means somehow figuring out how to get cameras that can achieve that look and feel.

We're really committed to this and I can't wait to share what's going on with it.

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