Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For those who wish to debate "quality of life"'s mine! (proud mommy)


  1. This picture of Zoe is absolutely adorable and shows how healthy she is. Her "quality of life" has never been a question in my mind for one moment. She is just precious and your birthday celebration was the greatest. God bless you and bless her little heart. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  2. Lisa B6:36 PM

    Hi beautiful Zoe!

    no debate here, she's full of blessed life :)

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Happy Happy birthday to Zoe!!!

    What an amazing girl and an AMAZING family!!

    Erika, RN

  4. Zoe looks absolutely amazing and adorable! Looks like she is gaining some weight!

    God Bless Your Family,
    Laurie in TX

  5. Zoe, your so beautiful and I love your shirt. I sure hope you get that pony. Love ya girl. You always make me smile.

  6. thank you for sharing her birthday pics. She is so precious!

  7. She is such a precious miracle! For all of our families that have fought for the right to seek medical care and attention for our sweet babies with T18, that have fought to prove that there is a beautiful quality of life to be had in these precious ones, to demonstrate that God's hand is at work in their lives just like each and every other child... Zoe is the PICTURE PERFECT EXAMPLE! Thank you for living out God's plan for her- somehow her life this last year brings me peace in the precious single moment that we had with our Maddox. She is beautiful!

    So much love and continued prayer,
    Kenzie Stanfield

  8. Nichole3:19 AM

    She just melts my heart.
    Happy Birthday Sweet Little One!
    Love from California,

  9. Nope! Don't want to debate you but I LOVE the evidence!!! :->



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