Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March 22

March 22 we're putting out an APB for all of you all to join us for Zoe's birthday. And if Barb in Melbourne can't make it, I'll do my best to blog it for you.

All we're asking is an RSVP. We're setting up a Facebook event...


  1. woo hoo! Party!! i wish i could make it! ill buy a lotto ticket on Sat and see how that goes lol, we have had a crazy time in Melbourne with bad bush fires so i have been doing extra shifts at the relief and evacuation centres so i could do with a holiday!!! Fingers crossed i win a few thousand and i'll be over! dreams are free!!!
    ;0) love Barb from Melbourne!

  2. Nichole11:34 PM

    Poor sweet Zoe. I'm praying that this infection goes away quickly. Happy upcoming Birthday sweet little girl. Still thinking and praying for you daily.

    -Love from California,

  3. I can't remember if I have mentioned about my little girl Annabel(T18) who had so many UTI beginning at 4mths. When they scanned her they saw that she was in constant urinary reflux (bladder/kidney) Grade 4. Within a few months she progress to the last stage Gr. 5 on the right side. They normally don't do this reimplantation on one so little but she did have the surgery at 19 mths. due to the severe infections that got into her blood and made her critically ill. I was wondering if they have scanned her kidney/bladder (i.e.renal ultrasound and VCUG's). If I have already mentioned this, please forgive me. Also for Zoe tell her Annabel send her Birthday Wishes to a special Angel! Annabel will be turning 4 on 3/17! What a miracle our Trisomy Angels are!



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