Saturday, June 06, 2009

AE's New Call

Bat is closing the door on his call as Pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Luxemburg, Wisconsin today. He ends a 44-year career of distinguished service at five parishes, touching thousands of lives with God's love. I hope you have a little time to listen to Bat talk about his decision and plans for the future.

I had a chance to interview Bat about his decision, and I admit - it's a really good interview. I didn't expect him to talk about his goals for his artistic style, or talk about some of the travails of parish ministry. Good stuff. Apologies in advance for the length, but if you have a chance, give it a listen. My Dad's a great man.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, their tenets hold that pastors don't have jobs and employers; rather that God himself moves a congregation to call someone and God himself moves that man to answer that call. Terms and conditions of that call are subject to God's will on both the congregation and the pastor.

God is moving Bat to walk away today.


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