Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Day: Pray

Zoe's in right now receiving an EEG. She had another "episode" that resembles a seizure a few weeks ago and the current opinion is it's related to apnea.

The doctor seeing Zoe is the same doctor who met with Selah, all those days ago. Back when Selah's health trials were the worst thing that had ever happened to me as a Dad.

I'm praying for good news there, hoping that God will give us insight into Zoe's health as we learn about her and her condition.

I'm also praying for Josh, Jen's brother, who is trying out for American Idol. My pretty close to objective assessment, having seen his gifts, is that he's a shoo-in for California.

I re-refer you to the devotion I found and mentioned in yesterday's post. My worst-handled duty as a Christian has been acting as an intercessor for those around me. Let's pray for others, watch with them, lift them up.

**Updates: Zoe was very upset with the whole EEG process, but is through. We'll talk to the doctor about results tomorrow.

Josh sang twice today and they lauded his great voice and look, and then told him he's not what they're after this year.


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