Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EEG Says...

Doctor Kovnar says he's thinking Zoe isn't experiencing seizures. Jen had noticed that her "episodes" happen only when she's asleep, and his review of the EEG doesn't seem to indicate seizures.

Things he did notice:

Zoe doesn't have too many stages of sleep. She really goes from drowsy to deep sleep.

Zoe may be affected by obstructive apnea.

Zoe may be affected by night terrors, which do accompany the lack of stages of sleep.

While her fontanel still exists, there is evidence of it bridging.

Here's what he didn't notice: Anything containing the words "incompatible with life."

I am blessed, and you are witnesses to this blessing. I am triumphant, and you are witnesses to it. My daughter turned 15 months old yesterday. And the doctor and you and I didn't even notice it.


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