Sunday, July 26, 2009 which Heidi enters the whole interweb www world.

Teia had an amazing conversation with techgeek/social media expert Heidi on Facebook Chat last night. Here's the transcript of their talk (I am not making this up) (the thought of someone writing down emoticons is awesome):

TEIA: aunt heidi! HI!

11:03pm Heidi: T - Did you hear that big thud about 7 minutes ago from MN ? It was me making the big leap into the tech world with my Ipod. I bought my 1st song from i-tunes and synced this with my ipod. This was my first song on my ipod. "Everlasting God" Yeah! I am on a roll now:)

11:03pm Teia :haha that's awesome!

11:05pm Heidi :I am so excited! I was given this ipod from Phil a while ago and I finally got it out and started to work with it.

11:05pm Teia: that's awesome! they're fun to play with once you understand what's going on with them. :):) it took me a while too.

11:06pm Heidi: How didi you make that smiley icon?

11:06pm Teia: a smiley face... : + ) = :):)

11:07pm Heidi: :+)=

11:08pm Teia: ....just do the colon and the end parentheses

11:08pm Heidi: :):)

11:08pm Teia: there you go. :):)

11:09pm Heidi: sweet!! it worked, 2 successes in a day:)

11:09pm Teia: awesome. there's all sorts of smileys.. ;);) :P:P haha

11:09pm Heidi: How do you do them?

11:10pm Teia: semicolon and end parentheses for the wink face. colon and capital p for the tongue one

11:11pm Heidi: i just wrote those down so I wouldn't forget

11:11pmTeia: haha awesome


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