Monday, July 27, 2009


Robbie Seay's new album is coming out soon!!! So happy. Here's lyrics to one of his new tunes, "Miracle." I hope in some way, Zoe touched him and helped him write it.

Robbie writes in his blog: "We're close to finishing the new rsb album and many of the songs reflect the heights and depths of our humanity and my encounters over the last year."

"Have you ever stared death in the face?
So close you could hardly breathe
and you cry out to God for mercy to prevent the fall
There are very few words to say
when you can't see another day - for my heart to beat again

When the whole world seems to turn its back on me
All alone out on the sea
I need a Miracle! I need a miracle
When life don't seem to make sense at all
I believe you hear me when i call
I need a Miracle? I need a Miracle!'


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