Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day and Birthday

Mother's Day was a nice day to give my mom a flower to wear to church and maybe even sign a card I may or may not have read that my dad bought for us kids to give to her. Then on to the hot ham and rolls for lunch!

As I became a mom, Mother's Day was slightly more meaningful to me. Now I got the flower for church and the hot ham and rolls. The signed cards, and even some homemade ones (my favorite!)

Last year I had a hard time facing May. It was going to be Mother's Day, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to celebrate with all of my children. I started thinking more about Mother's Day, and being a mother, and if I was going to be given a chance to be one for my baby girl. Not only was that in May, but my birthday as well- turning the big 30! Was I going to be able to celebrate my birthday with all of my family?? As you are well aware- God blessed me to do just that!

Fast forward one year...May was coming once again. Two Mother's Days? Two birthdays? Would I truly be that blessed!?! Mother's Day came and I rolled over to see two BIG blue eyes staring at me. "goo" came with a little smirk. Happy HAPPY Mother's Day to me! Next came in an AMAZING 5 year old with the biggest, loving heart you will ever see- "Happy Mother's Day mama, here's your card!" I was never so happy to see a card in my life :)

Then the 4 year old who can put a smile on your face no matter how down you are came running in- "I'm the baby, Ethan's the monkey!" Explain- There was a picture of a baby boy and a monkey in a crib. I hugged them as tight as I could, looked out the window, just as I do every morning and whispered- "Thank you God for today" The rest of the day was perfection. Then came my birthday. Yes, yes...the big 31! I woke up to some big blue eyes, a couple hugs, and a "mama, it's your birthday" with two thumbs up. How much more could I be blessed!?!...and yes, I turned towards the window once again with thanks in my heart.

That evening, my WONDERFUL husband took me out for an amazing night...filled with comedy sports, cheap beer and people watching! btw- the burgers there are incredible! Who knew!?! We even got hip and trendy and went to a bar on Water St. Yep, that was us for a night, a couple! Thank you Greg for being there for me through everything and for laughs and beer and love.

Thank you ALL for your support through prayers, and gifts, and money, and food and love. You helped bless this mom to enjoy another May, and for that I will be forever grateful.


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