Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zoe Update

Zoe turned 14 months old on Friday, and as she grows older, she's growing. Longer. She's got long, skinny legs. Both of her hips are dislocated so she has a little trouble moving one of her legs. A few days ago she was trying to push off with both her feet.

Just last week she found her foot, which offers almost as much wonderment and beauty as her hands.

She's taken to eating some baby food and a bottle and some juice, and just in the last week, really started eating in excess of four ounces at a time. That's great news because her last bout with illness caused a weight loss, back down to 11 and a half pounds.

Zoe's turned into quite a Daddy's girl. Her head snaps around when she hears my voice and she's always trying to scoot her body across the bed to me. And she gets a little snippy at her mom. Jen is the only person you'll hear Zoe kind of bark out with a clipped holler.

She loves looking at ceiling fans and is only mildly impressed with a sunny day. It's just to bright for her eyes. Fourteen months later, she's still a reminder of God's grace and blessing.


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