Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What If...

Shaun Groves wrote this challenge/question in his blog: "If no one would think you were nuts… If you held nothing back… If you were brave and full of compassion… What could YOU do to meet those needs? What could your service be?"

My answer(s): I'd make sure that no parent at Children's Hospital - Wisconsin felt alone or in need of someone to pray with them. That parents were fed and clothed and ministered to by Christians intent on serving them.

I'd challenge churches and Christians that if they have a child with a lethal condition or a condition deemed "incompatible with life" in their midst, to err on the side of grace with that child's parents. Figure they will forget a deadline. Assume they're at wit's end and might not be eloquent. Surmise that they want to be visited, prayed with, listened to.

I'd work hard to connect Christians with the amazing Christian artists that are ministering out there today. Money should not be an obstacle to experiencing a concert that can buoy a family's spirits.

I'd work on Twitter and other social media to meet the broken and lost where they are.

What would you do? Let me know, and I'll let Shaun know.


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