Friday, May 29, 2009

Teia Graduates

I watched my Teia graduate on Friday.

Great Teia story. She was 9 months when she started walking, and always resourceful. Early on she figured out that she should push a chair around - kind of like a walker - but she didn't need it for balance. She would push it around until she got to something up high, then climb up on the chair and grab it. That's how she got on the counter by the sink, on the dining room table, on the dresser in her room.

That's been Teia. Make sure you have a firm footing. Don't act until you're sure.

So, I look at my beautiful daughter graduate and I don't share all of the fears other parents may have. Will she be easily pushed into something by the crowd? No. Will she make a rash decision? No. Does she know enough? No. But she knows that.

Here's a young woman who will always have her feet firmly planted beneath her shoulders, feet standing firmly on the hope Jesus has brought her. Among her many gifts, her amazing beauty and compelling personality, standing firm is her best trait. I could not have asked for anything more.


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