Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Holy Week

This year, the Milwaukee Brewers have chosen to have their home opener on Good Friday. For those of you around the world and not from the Land of Cheese, Opening Day is capitalized. It's Mardi Gras without the history and the parades.

Like Mardi Gras, some of the locals stay clear of the hard core celebrations because they're just too out of control.

It's just weird that the team would have allowed it to happen. But not surprising. I remember back when I worked at the movie theater, some 20 years ago, and Maunday Thursday was a huge movie night. Most everyone had off the next day.

It's consistent that our culture would move from the truly faith-affirming and deeply moving time of Lent. And true evidence of Satan's influence that we'd continue to forget the power of Holy Week.

For me, the only way I can enjoy Easter properly is to observe Good Friday. Try, if you can, to hold on to the beauty and love you'll find when you hear the old story. Given and shed for you. For me.


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