Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zoe And The Abnormal Movements

I was in a meeting yesterday with a client and I received a text from Jen. "Call!," it read. I texted back..."Are you okay?"

The answer: "No!"

I slipped out of the room and called. Jen was sitting on the bed when she heard Zoe's breathing quicken and then she started to wail. Zoe's arms were stiffened, extended from her sides. Her eyes were rolled back.

Jen grabbed Zoe and tried to calm her, but the episode went on for another minute before Zoe started to relax and her cries changed from yelping to fear.

That's when she texted me.

I flew home and by the time I was home, Zoe was very - Zoe. She recognized me and was even a little smiley. Jen had called the doctor, who recommended we go to the ER to have them assess and determine what went on.

We went to the ER. One thing Children's Hospital can change - and truly, my sole criticism - is how we tell the person at the door the story, the nurse where we fill out forms, the triage nurse, then another nurse, then after waiting, the next nurse, then, the nurse who replaced her at shift change, then the resident. I'm not kidding. We had to repeat the same story that many times.

The doctors ordered blood work, which resulted with nothing. It looked normal. So the doctor came in and told us they were writing "abnormal movement" on the chart and sending us home. They requested that we set up an appointment with a gastrointestinologist and a neurologist so they could assess to help determine what went on.

The whole time while waiting, Zoe was fine. Content. Held. Cozy. Sometimes even smiley.

Truly, worse things have happened at Children's. This was a pleasant surprise. We begin making the appointments for Zoe today.


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