Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welcome To The Plateau

This week has all kinds of chutes and ladders. You make it way ahead of the others and then BLAMMO! you hit that big slide that puts you way in back.

We're all playing on the same board, but I think we get deluded and think 1) I'm not playing on it (the ever-sinful "it won't happen to me") or 2) Others should know how to avoid those chutes!

We know SO WELL how other should behave, don't we?

Zoe is doing really well - except she's not growing. She's plateaued at 12 pounds, and I am asking you all for prayers that she grows. She is sleeping well. It's just that the sleep is from 4 am to late morning, and it's really a problem for Zoe's mom and dad.

I know it sounds like I've been saying this a long time - but it has been. This has been a long, long year for Zoe's mom and dad. I have no idea, except for your prayers, the prayers of the faithful, why we have made it.


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