Saturday, April 04, 2009

Preacher Shane/Michael Z Update

Preacher Shane in his blog:

Our c-section was scheduled for 10:15 yesterday morning but Michael had other plans and decided to come early. He was born at 7:09 am weighing 4lbs and 0 oz 16 3/4 in long. He is now facing a great battle with all the health issues and medical personnel that are less than willing to give him a fighting chance.

Michael's heart troubles are different and more serious than what we thought. He will require heart surgery before he can go home, but he is too small for surgery right now and they will have to do surgery on his intestines before they can do the heart surgery. Right now he is not stable enough for any type of surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

***My note: notice what happened here. The doctors said that the baby wasn't stable enough for surgery. What they didn't say is: this water fountain isn't for you/get in the back of the bus/you don't get health care because of your genetic matter.

And yes, I'm making that statement. If you want to debate me on this, bring it on. Let's end discrimination in this country against those who are weakest and need our help the most.


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