Thursday, April 02, 2009

Your Favorite Baseball Player Follow Up

First, based on this article, Chris Sampson is set to return as a reliever for the Houston Astros. Which means he retains his title of Your Favorite Baseball Player.

Secondly, Brooke, Chris's friend, wrote to follow up to this post about the birthday video they sent for Zoe.

"…and Heather brought it to my attention! Even though I included her on the YouTube description, I forgot to tell you that Heather’s sister ZOE (yes Zoe, Zoe Parker) was the one behind the camera. It was easy for us to sing to look at “Zoe” because there was another Zoe holding the camera J

But just the timing of our trip (being over baby Zoe’s birthday) – WHO we were visiting – and the fact that Zoe Parker was visiting during that time seems more than just coincidental to me. Don’t you agree??

Lastly – here are the pictures of the cake and of us enjoying the cake (my favorite is of J.R. eagerly waiting while Chris cuts the cake)


Jen and and all of us Bats are so blessed to know you all. I wish I could quantify what it means to feel love from every corner - family, friends, work, Houston Astros. I said it before : you all are Zoe's birthday present.

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