Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AE Update

As of yesterday:

Yesterday, Mon. August 10, Bat was transferred to Mayo Clinic at the request of the family, in order to have Bat evaluated by his long term primary oncologist, Dr. Pitot. A

fter a somewhat bumpy 5 hour ambulance ride, Bat arrived safely and was admitted in the early evening. This morning additional lab tests were obtained, and the oncology doctors reviewed Bat's records from his recent hospitalization in Green Bay.

This afternoon, Dr. Pitot reviewed all the records, tests, and he examined Bat. After consulting with another staff oncologist, Dr. Pitot had a lengthy conference with family and friends who were present.

Dr. Pitot feels that Bat's liver is very diseased, and is not functioning as well as it should. There is a very small possibility that the previously placed stent in the liver has become partially or completely blocked, and that this may be causing some of the decrease in liver function.

In order to evaluate this, the gastroenterology doctors will endoscopically examine the stent in order to determine if it needs to be removed or replaced. This will probably take place on Wed or Thurs, although no definite time was scheduled as of Tues night.

It is certainly possible that slowly increasing amounts of tumor are causing decreased ability for the liver to function. Because of the decreased liver function, further attempts at embolization, or use of chemotherapy, are not possible at this time.

Bat's nutritional status remains poor, but because of the aortic stenosis, IV nutritional therapy is not recommended because of the load it would place on the heart. There is also concern that the liver would not be able to process IV nutrition, and this could actually make the situation worse. For the present time, attempts will be made to increase his oral nutrition, including the use of appetite stimulating medication.

Tonight, Bat's condition remains stable, and the focus of therapy is to keep him comfortable with his pain relatively well controlled.

As usual the care he is receiving here at Mayo is exceptional. We thank God for his continued good care, and thank you all for your prayers and support.


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