Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death Panels And The Extra Chromosome

I'm tired of people spouting off that Sarah Palin is employing hyperbole and political vitriol when she uses a term like "death panel." This one is from renowned health care expert Roger Ebert. Yeah. The guy who gave "Curly Sue" three stars.

"Of course the term is inspired by a lie. There are no conceivable plans to form "death panels" or anything like them. The Obama plan, which has some bipartisan support, doesn't seek or desire to get involved in any decisions about who should live and who should die."

Of course.

Jen and I have experienced medical professionals who find our pursuit of care for our daughter to be selfish and not in Zoe's best interest
. "She'll always be like that," the pediatrician told Jen. I dare someone to explain how this attitude won't simply be more organized under a single-payer system.

Oh, Greg with his Red State scare tactics and pro-Palin rhetoric. If I'm engaging in factless assertions, then explain this article from the UK. "...Carol said she had the impression that Dimavicius(of the NHS Down Syndrome screening programme) was distinctly unsettled by the figures which showed that an increasing number of women were resisting the pressure to abort babies diagnosed with Down's."

Isolated incident? What about this?

No, Greg and Ms. Palin. There will be no death panels. We're not barbarians like the Brits.

Do you expect me to wait and let someone test this on my daughter just so I can be proven right or wrong?


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