Monday, August 03, 2009

First Person

Went home today and visited Bat and Christa. Dad was gone doing a service at Brown County Mental Health Center and then stayed after to call on some of the people there.

Heidi, Kirin, Renee and Jim, Erin, Martina were all there, kids in tow.

Dad came in and listened and talked. One comment he said emphatically was that by the time information is getting to the second and third person, it seems like we're discussing the size of his casket. And sometimes, this blog is the second and third person.

For example, on Thursday, two sisters called me to tell me Dad was hospitalized. None told me that he was admitted so that he could be hydrated and then released.

I told mom and dad that short of giving them the blog username and password - a meaningless bunch of information since they'd need weeks to "get" what to do on blogger - they should get on Facebook.

So we went back over Facebook and what they'll need to update. I even reviewed that the computer is a laptop (thanks Jimmy and Jan) and they can actually move it off that desk. media solving problems? We'll see. But Facebook is updated today. First person.


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