Monday, August 10, 2009

Return To Mayo

Yesterday I was summoned by my sister Kirin to the hospital. She had been told that AE's organs were failing. We hustled up there.

Turns out that only some of the professionals at the hospital that will not be named believed that the organs were failing. Others had no opinion on that question at all. Others didn't answer the question.

When Kirin asked about a specific course of action for Dad, she was told that absolutely, under no circumstances, does the hospital who will not be named undergo that specific course of action, because of Medicaid.

Yesterday, a nephrologist - who will not be named either - spoke to our family with care, honesty, and professionalism. He gave us a frank assessment of Dad's condition ("that's the ugliest liver I think I've ever seen"), including some recommendations. One was to get dad to Mayo.

He recommended and ordered that very course of action which we were refused the day before. It was implemented. It resulted in a marked change in Dad's alertness and vitals.

Were it not for Kirin's vigilance, with Renee's help, who knows what would have happened at the hospital which will not be named. Also playing a huge sacrificial part in their lives and summer are Kirin's two kids, Alanna and Caleb, who have been waiting while mom pours out her heart and mind and spirit in loving service to Bat.

We don't know if Mayo Clinic is going to have any better assurances for Dad and his days here. At some point today, he'll be transported across the state to Rochester and Mayo and doctors who have been working with Bat for years.

Our hope is to get a care plan backed by professionalism, a little hope, honesty and transparency. And that Dad and his ugly liver that could get out of the hospital which will remain not named.

As a tribute, I've included Kool Kat Kirin's voice message to herself.


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