Tuesday, September 08, 2009

AE & Zoe Update

Saw my dad this weekend. He had a rough time of things...dealing with nausea, just having trouble performing simple digestive tasks. The big goal is that he eats, gains weight, so that perhaps this newer treatment can be used. All of that is pushed aside if he struggles like he did this weekend.

Pray for Bat. His whole life he's been fighting, and it's hard now sometimes for him to figure who or what to fight against. Maybe everyone. He's a tough guy, and he needs prayers and a hand of gentleness on his soul.

Jen and Zoe went in for Zoe's sleep study, and the initial word is not good. It's likely she'll be admitted tomorrow morning so that the doctors can decide how to deal with Zoe's terrible pulse/ox and co numbers while sleeping.


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