Monday, September 21, 2009

Zoe's Fall Visit To Children's Ends

Apologies. Zoe and Jen made it home around 7 pm on Wednesday night. The delay was centered on a number of issues, not the least of which was the discovery that for the previous week, Zoe had been receiving the wrong amount of blood pressure medication twice a day.

Which explained the high blood pressure they measured while she was in the hospital.

Insert rant here. We continue to be grateful to Children's Hospital - Wisconsin. We are also amazed that they are the third best hospital in the world. What does the seventh best do?

Now that she's home, Zoe receives oxygen while she sleeps, which helps to reduce stress on her heart. Outside of that, the whole "why does she stay up for the majority of the night" issue has gone unresolved. On the other hand, if you've wondered what it might be like to sleep next to Darth Vader, I might be able to answer.

Right back into the maelstrom - I handled a long shoot Thursday followed by a shoot Friday, and Jen out to handle auditions for a few casts at a production in Hartford - which hopefully better explains the digital silence.

...and just home and some level of normal. Maybe some wine.

Special thanks to the Popes and Deirdre, who picked up the picking up while we were down a driver; Chris Pope for the taco stuff, perfect on audition night; Ben and Rebekah, who gave us pizzas and stuff that we're still plowing through; Avicom and everyone for putting up with crazy, Pastor Wendorf, a special reminder that sometimes, churches do care.


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