Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pray - UPDATED 11:20 AM CST

Zoe was admitted to Children's this morning to try and find out what can be done about her terrible sats when she sleeps. Could be tonsils and adenoids removed, could be a tiny tiny cpap mask...could be even more dramatic measures.

Doctors will be scoping Zoe to find out the level of her obstruction and make decisions about a course of action. She for sure will be at Children's overnight.

some better news: HEY HEY HEY....IT'S FAT ZOE! 12 lbs 2 ounces. that's up 7 ounces since last weigh-in.

Sounds like scope won't take place until either tomorrow or Friday.

Dad has lost five pounds since last week.

These are two good people. I've been contemplating what life would be like without either, without one. It's just stifling.

The sun rose today, and both are with us. So, pray.


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