Friday, February 27, 2009

AE at 77

A discussion with AE about the islands, his tribe's last name, and sharp knives.

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  1. huntsouth8:37 PM

    Several of us have just listened to your dear dad and you, conversing away. We had to keep going back because we were laughing too hard to hear everything. David(dad),Jonathan (15), and I enjoyed this so much.
    Thank you for the rare treat. God bless your sweet and funny family!

  2. renee6:51 PM

    fifteen minutes of napping...well, I remember Dad resting on the chair in Keene...but I also remember scratching dad's back or doing the scalp message...while he counted to fifteen. While he took his time counting to fifteen! I have to admit, I try to get the boys to do that - but they run out of interest before I get to fifteen. And I am a true believer in the 20 minute nap (only Dad can make 15 minutes work). So the tradition is somewhat being carried on in my family.

    Dad, you are truly my favorite dad. May the Dad of us all bless you with many, many more!

    The favorite fourth Coconut Princess,

  3. Phil Drewes8:16 PM

    Happy Birthday to Pastor Bat!

    I really enjoyed the interview, thanks for the smiles. It reminded me of a joke he told me when I was about nine years old (paraphrasing from my memory): 'Did you know that human skin is the most flexible material on Earth? The Bible says: Joseph tied his ass to a tree and walk for two miles!'

  4. Brian Drewes8:56 PM

    Very fun to listen to and now I know why our family always got flat tires when we lived in New Orleans. It is so much clearer now... :-)

    It seems that my family shares what my brother-in-law calls the "Drewes sleep gene" with the Batiansila's. Zero to sleep in seconds. My mom is also famous for the 15-minute nap using the timer on the oven.



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