Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Government Says: DNR

Reprinting this comment for you in case you're not a comment reader:

This blog entry is begging for my response.

My daughter Annie died at the age of 80 days within 24 hours arrival at a prestigious hospital in Canada. A DNR was written without our knowledge or consent. Lethal, unauthorized quantities of narcotics were removed from the cabinet under Annie's name. The final computerized medication report is inexplicably missing.

Annie had trisomy 13. Unlike many poor children born with this condition, Annie did not have the common brain or heart defects and she could see and hear. She died of a genetic label.

To this day, we do not know what was wrong or why she could not be helped. The Coroner determined the care was "not appropriate" and told us to go complain at the medical board or start a law suit. Canada, the life of a child with disabilities barely approaches the cost of a lawyer just getting warmed up.

The medical board would not take action because it is not the doctor's fault: it is a health policy. Our hospital has a "no treat, terminally sedate" policy for trisomy 13/18 kids who land in the ICU or NICU.

Here is a video of a father from Canada describing how the director of the NICU tried to kill his daughter with Trisomy 13. (She is now 7, walking independently, and quite happy)

Annie's story is at

Things are worse in Canada....but it is changing in the US. We had NO CHOICE for life for Annie....even if we were willing to pay for all of the medical treatment ourselves. It was not an option because the whole time the doctors were pretending that they were "doing everything" and we believed that.

Kids with Trisomy 13 and 18 are at the forefront of the eugenics movement. It all starts with government policies based on quality of life.



  1. Barb,
    Thank you for writing for all of our children, especially your sweet Annie. Never stop, never give up, you are and will continue to make a difference.

  2. I am so sorry when I read this story. Unfortunately, more stories like this will be happening to our country if we let the government take over health care. Socialized medicine is not the answer for us. We do need a change but we do not need Canadian's example to follow. You can not put a dollar sign on life, which is what will happen if we lose control of our health care priviledges



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