Friday, February 06, 2009

Eternal Thanks

One thing I've steered clear of on this blog is all the support we've received from so many many different people.

I'll freely admit I've struggled with the focus and message of this blog and most specifically those who have given Zoe financial support. Support of all kinds. I received an envelope from some kids in Houston who went door to door raising money for Zoe. When Brooke handed me that envelope, I was racked with emotion.

Frankly, Zoe does require extra. Extra prayers. Extra attention. Extra time. Extra holding. Extra patience. Extra dollars. But since we know God gave us Zoe, so we also know that God will provide the extra.

But we never imagined it'd come in so many forms. In an envelope from some loving kids who we've never met. From some caring friends who gave beyond their means to help. From kids like Naomi, who gave me a bag of quarters, to Your Favorite Baseball Player Chris Sampson and his family.

To Doug Lusk at Camden Development Company. Ever heard of him or them? Honestly, I hadn't until I heard that his company, at last year's end, decided to help Zoe.

Your Favorite Baseball Player and his wife, the lovely (and radiantly pregnant) Heather, set up an account with Helping Hands Ministries ( These guys accept tax-deductible donations and then give them to authorized recipients. Like Zoe.

The folks at Camden are followers of the blog and they got together and gave a nice - an amazing - a humbling - gift to Helping Hands for Zoe.

Jen and I are so humbled. By those little kids in Houston, by people like the Jarvis's in Chicago. St. Mipps. There's so so many of you out there...

When this all started, I honestly thought that I'd wait until Zoe had lived her life, and then I'd write each and every one of you a thank you, celebrating her life. Zoe and God had different ideas.

And now I am stuck. I'm so grateful to you all and I'm feeling pretty crappy because you all haven't been properly loved back. What can we say? What can I do?

We're going to do a better job of letting you guys know just how grateful we are for you, for your prayers, love and support. You are literally the hand of God touching our lives.

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  1. "What can we say? What can you do?"

    Just keep posting about this precious miracle named Zoe and I know I will be blessed. God desires for us to support one another in any way that is needed. It has been such an honor to pray for Zoe and your family. Now that I know I can help through the Helping Hands Ministries, I can help there too. Being out here on the West Coast, I am kind of out of the loop but am glad I found this out:) Zoe has touched many lives and drawn us closer to the Lord, and I am one of many. Much love and prayers your way today.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie



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