Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After a night of fever hovering over 103 degrees...Jen took Zoe into Dr. Chatton's office. They tested and tested and are pretty sure she has a urinary tract infection. It's been a long haul, a long night. I'm hoping everyone has it right.


  1. Praying for Zoe and for this to be the cause so they can treat her and get her back to feeling good. Praying for you and Jen too.

    Love, Laurie

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    How does a well hydrated infant get a UTI? My kids have NEVER had that problem. I hope Zoe feels better soon! Her 1 yr b-day is fast approaching!

  3. I have probably mentioned this but have they checked her for urinary reflux (bladder up to the kidney) Soon after Annabel was born it was found she was in Gr.4 then within the year progress to Gr.5. This is the last stages. After she was 1 yr. old we did surgery and at this point is refluxing no longer. Praying for precious Zoe that this be under control and the fever go away.

  4. im sure she is in perfect hands.. glad you got her to the docs.. let me know if you need anything..

    give all the babes a squeeze for me.. and happy valentine's to you all.



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