Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Fear Of Not Fearing

Jen was following the life and videos of another Trisomy 18 baby on the internet, and then found out that the baby had died at age 4.

She was telling me that story while Zoe was lying on the bed, engaged in a comprehensive study of her hand.

It's hard to let your guard down at home, in your heart, and to you guys and start believing your daughter is different or special and might just make it. It's hard to take a breath and figure she's going to be with us. It's even harder when you know the statistics just don't agree with your relaxation.

Each day is still a gift. As our little girl gets older and more aware of her surroundings and the people in them, she becomes more intensely real. A blessing, no doubt.

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  1. huntsouth7:36 PM

    Just letting you know that I begin every day and finish every day (and sometimes check in the middle) to see how you all are. You are not forgotten. Sometimes I laugh at what you say, sometimes Amen heartily, sometimes diverge on a doctrinal point, but always enjoy the sharing of your family's life with those of us who care. Thank you, Amy



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