Saturday, January 10, 2009

AE In First After Time Trials

AE had his gall bladder removed yesterday at about 8 pm. It had stones and sludge and gross gall things in it.

Today he saw some other patients walking the halls outside his room.

And he thought they were walking pretty slow.

Slower than he would walk. So he got up and sauntered out into the hall. And he started to bend over towards the floor.

Kirin hustled out to see if he needed help. It had been just over 12 hours since he had his operation.

Dad told her he was just getting down into the starting position. Thankfully he didn't get into a full four point stance, but he did bend over there and waited for Kirin to start him.

And then he took off. He walked 17 laps of his floor, lapping the slowest. He had Kirin start timing his laps so he could compete with himself.

And so as Zoe snores in the bed next to me, her grandfather is snoring somewhere. They will not go like they're supposed to. You cannot forget to fight. And if fight is in you, it doesn't leave. Ever.


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!! You said it so well. If the fight is in you, it doesn't leave. Can I quote that? It gives me hope and I love it. Yay for Dad and ya for Baby Z. Being a Bat means being a fighter. We are so lucky to be following this life and we are so lucky that God sent these two fighters to us.

    Lots of love from Jen, Jeremy & Jacob

  2. It sounds like your dad is feeling so much better after getting rid of that gross and infected organ:) I see where Zoe gets her fight. What a beautiful generational thing it is. Love that they are both snoring somewhere! Praying for you and your family as you continue to settle into this new year with a sweet, pink and healthy little warrior girl.

    You guys inspire me so much and I continue to walk this walk with you in admiration and prayers.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  3. renee4:51 PM

    Praise God and Amen. Endless thanks to God for them both.

  4. huntsouth8:08 PM

    Thank the Lord for all of His great benefits! Amy Hunt

  5. Sounds like Zoe has a lot of her grandfather in her. :) She obviously comes from good stock.



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