Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At The Doctor

For a regular checkup. I tried to move it to tomorrow, but that day wasn't open. In fact, the next open day was March 19! Makes you wonder what will happen when the 50 million uninsured are insured. How easy will it be to get an appointment? How easy will it be to reschedule?

And...will state-run healthcare allow for Zoe at all? We're blessed to find a bunch of doctors who see value in preserving Zoe's life, who don't see Trisomy 18 as the end. But, others have simply said or shown that her "death sentence" means she should receive different, less, or no treatment.

Think that will get better or worse with state-run healthcare? In other attempts to bring state-run care through time and history, the state had to make Draconian decisions about treating the elderly or dying to care for those who they deemed would live. Come to think of it, I'm glad Zoe and my Dad were able to experience a different healthcare for this part of their lives.


  1. This is very true. With the current doctor/nurse shortage, I wonder what kind of care we will all get!

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I hope the doctors and nurses will have time to look at the patients as people 1st and then the disease. I hope that the patient's rights and wishes will be number one in the medical staff's decisions. I have faith in Pres. Obama. He is a father and has overcome a lot in his life. I believe he truly cares about ALL Americans regardless of race, religion, or financial status.


    Erika, RN

  3. I don't think that some doctors do that now, in a private system. When we will have to ration healthcare (and every socialized medical system has been forced to turn to some rationing), I have no confidence in the system, or Obama.

    No one really knows about Obama. It's something only now, still in their euphoric phase, journalists are starting to realize .

    I really feel for you all as healthcare professionals. Your lives, your pay, and your bosses are all going to change so radically. I don't know if you'll have the freedom to see a Zoe.

  4. Anonymous1:14 PM

    As a nurse it scares me to death to think that our nurse/patient ratio can possibly get any worse. In any case I would say that the majority of us in healthcare ALWAYS put the patient first. Unfortunately with heavy patient loads it may not always seem that way. I hope that Zoe continues to receive the best care and I'm glad to hear she is doing well. Keep it up kiddo!

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Do you think those 50 million deserve health care less than Zoe?
    Do you think God wants them to have less then Zoe? How lucky Zoe is to be born in to a family where you have resources even if they are not perfect, but really do you think some people don't deserve health care? It sounds like You think the draconian decision should be against the 50 million who are not you.

  6. Answers for Anonymous: 1. No. Never said that. 2. No. Never said that. 3. No, never said that. 4. Not a question, but no, never said that.

    The comment was about what's to come. Instead of attacking me for commenting on truths about what's to come, and instead of putting words in my mouth about what I believe or God believes, why don't you tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that Zoe won't received rationed healthcare because of her condition.

    The problem is not who is the insurer. The problem is the prices. But I digress from a comment about Zoe and healthcare and what's to come.

    I love your venom, and welcome your responses.



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