Sunday, January 04, 2009

Zoe Update

Zoe has settled in at home. Her most recent visit to the cardiologist revealed some very good numbers and signs that she was becoming more relaxed.

I recently took Zoe in to have her ears checked. She might have some kind of ear infection, so an antibiotic was prescribed. Dr. Chatton again echoed earlier comments on the healthiness of her numbers.

We're finally getting her to sleep more. Unfortunately, the sleeping occurs between 1 pm and 5 pm. then she is up and down, mostly up, for sure at night.

It's a really grinding cycle, especially now that Jen is trying to get back into her work cycle and my work cycle has again sprung to level orange - if you're awake, get to work.

So...right now, Zoe's catching up on sleep and her mom is working and her dad is working and the night looms...

A great worry to have, but now that we're fully past 9 months of this particular challenge, it's a tough one.


  1. I am so happy to hear that Zoe is showing great numbers. How encouraging. I am really sorry for the loss of sleep you two are experiencing and pray that Zoe will relax enough to start getting on a schedule for sleep at night. I believe that God has enough miracles left for your family and SLEEP is a big one. Praying for this and for your whole family as you continue to settle into another new normal. Praying blessings all over the place for you this year. God is good!!! I love Zoe.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Oh, can I understand the sleep thing!!! Jacob just turned THREE and his favorite hours to be awake are: anytime after the sun goes down until the sun comes up again. So, let's think of each other when we're all awake at night!!! Perhaps we should all get together for cookouts at say... 2a.m. when the weather gets warmer...?!

    Lots of love from Jen, Jeremy & Jacob

  3. California10:42 PM

    Such blessed news! Thank you for updating on sweet little Zoe. She is so amazing and I think of her and her will to survive all the time.

    Bless you guys and Happy New Year!

  4. huntsouth9:51 AM

    You are all remembered as you plod through the joys of fatigue. Life is so short, relatively speaking, and it seems that the Lord could have eased our way by giving us perfectly compliant children, split-second timing on the sleeping/waking schedule and clutter-free lives. We learn so much more, for an eternal benefit, by learning to react Biblically to all of the obstacles we daily face. There are eight of us, including a sick baby, in our currently-under-construction house. For so He giveth His beloved sleep---is a promise. It just doesn't say when. God bless you all. the Hunts



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