Thursday, January 08, 2009

AE. Oh, The GALL

Bladder. Tests show the gall bladder has some bad stones in it, some stuff rattling around in it, and maybe it has to come out.

What his ailment isn't is ISN'T his cancer. The trouble eating and digesting and evacuating waste has all been a function of the bad gall bladder.

The hospital has finally allowed AE to have some fluids, but he's still in a bunch of pain.


  1. Thanks to God, they gave him some pain meds so he can get some sleep, and mom went home with Erin to try and rest also.

    He's on antibiotics for the infection in his gall bladder.

    Pray, pray, and rest. God has got it all under control...

  2. OH! I will keep praying for him. I had gall bladder issues one time - I had gall "gravel" as they called it. Not big enough to be stones, and they worked themselves out, so I got to keep the ole GB. But it is SO painful. I am so sorry he is going through that. Gall Bladder surgery now is usually very easy on a person, so I pray if that is what he needs, his is easy and takes care of all his misery!

  3. Praying for your Dad Greg and am glad it isn't his cancer causing all of this. I hope this can be resolved for him and he can be comfortable again. Praying for you guys too as you continue to settle in to this new year with Sweet Zoe.


  4. huntsouth8:23 AM

    That gall bladder is bad stuff. We will pray.



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