Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teia Interview

I'm breaking a blogger rule and putting the whole interview up here...truly, because the webserver I'm using won't let me upload this anywhere else. Here's some of Teia's thoughts...

1. you just got back from a trip. Where did you go, who with? What did you do?

We went to Camp Biloxi in Mississippi and I went with my winterim class called "The Mission" and a few college students. Oh and brennick went too. haha

We helped some homeless people out by giving them food and blankets and then we helped work on the outside of some houses. We painted, created a trench for a drain, put gutters on the house...lots of stuff.

2. are there still people affected by the hurricane from a bunch of years ago?

Yeah there are tons of people still affected by the hurricane and are trying 3.5 years later to rebuild their lives. they all have so much hope to rebuild and get moving with their lives and to be HOME again.

3. what was the weather like?

the weather was really nice. the first day or two it was probably 60-65ish and sunny. towards the end of the week it was 20 in the morning when we would walk over to the cafeteria tent and we were freezing in our t-shirts. we wore layers the whole week but it wasn't quite "coat" weather (well for us at least).

4. did you get some good pictures?

we got some really good pics. well ok, i got some really fun ones...mine were a little more "artsy", some funny ones. and then my friend kirin ended up taking a ton of funny pics of my friend beth, me and kirin.

5. what do you look for when you want to take a picture

i don't know. i was just walking around and looking at the details of the houses'. there was this one house we visited right across from the beach that was still standing but barely. and i just walked through that house and found some really neat things like beads hanging from a bar, holding a door shut.

6. you turned 18. what's that like?

it's a number. well basically my whole birthday i was in MS and it was sunny and in the 50's...for the first time in my life, which was awesome.and the whole day kirin and beth kept saying and singing happy birthday to me in every way possible. they put Happy BDAY to every song that was playing and each time kirin looked at me she said happy birthday.

7. you're an adult now. Do you feel like an adult

um no.

8. did you have any goals you wanted to meet by now? Do you have goals for the future?

i don't think that i had any set goals but i'm glad that i've accomplished what i've accomplished. i've had some of my pictures on an album (which was awesome), i had some poems published in a poetry book and i've been on a mission trip. i dont think any of those were intentional goals like, "i have to do my 18th bday." but i'm glad that i did.

9. if you could live anywhere, where would it be?

i have no idea. i really liked the whole no snow thing for the past week but i would hate those little critters like cockroaches and lizard things and alligators. GROSS. but right now i like the burg.


  1. huntsouth5:15 PM

    This world is not my home, so wherever the Lord has put me, I've learned to love. It's nice to be with your family and as you're soon to be launched from the coop, appreciate it while you can. It isn't ever quite the same to return home : )
    I met a woman in the store today who regretted "18". Make your "18" a treasure. Amy Hunt

  2. Kirin - Aunt Kiki12:19 AM

    Hey Teia
    I am touched that you missed me so much on your trip that you would name your friend "Kirin." Does she look like me? Can she run fast? I think now you are my favorite niece. Happy Birthday Sweet Thang. I am sorry you missed our phone call where we truly sent our love and warm wishes. Can't believe you are 18! Jesus has blessed all of us with such a dear Christ-centered Teia. We love you with all of hearts....and the other body parts too.
    Love your Aunt Kirin (that truly is a beautiful name - sigh)

  3. renee1:57 PM

    Teia - you rock. Happy belated Birthday, woman!
    Aunt Renee



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