Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fever Breaks

Zoe's fever broke on Sunday, and after a few days of not eating much at all - and one short period where she couldn't keep anything down - she's back to eating and behaving a lot more like the well Zoe we know.

Just talked to my Pa and he's on the road back. The eating issues he suffered were definitely linked to the gall bladder. It demonstrates how sometimes doctors can get wrapped up in their area of focus and apply symptoms to that area.

It took insight of Doctor Rod - a long-time family friend - to consider the gall bladder.

So we praise God for all the people who have combined their expertise to keep Bats in health.

1 comment:

  1. Great Report for Zoe and for your dad. I love reading that Zoe is behaving more like herself and I am still praying for sleep for you all. I am so glad that your dad is on the mend too. It is all good news.




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