Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Walk The Walk

Not coincidental after I finished telling you about my most excellent father is to tell you a little about Tim Tebow.

I know that Tim is nowhere in the league of Your Favorite Baseball Player Chris Sampson. But this is a guy who walks the walk. Who got to write this:

"It truly would be a shame to submit to cynicism and not fully appreciate the gift of Tebow -- the way he plays football with an unquenchable passion, and the way he approaches life with even greater ardor. If you think he hits linebackers hard on fourth-and-1, that's nothing compared to the way he tackles his higher calling to spread the word. In this one instance, what looks too good to be true really is true."

Spread the word. That's what the sportswriter wrote. How many prisons have you visited (or have I)? How many of the sick in the hospital have you visited (or have I)? P.S. How many Heismans have you won?

You can change the answer to two of the above questions. Tim, he can answer all three different than you and me.

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