Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Reminiscing - Charter Communications

Charter is a classic case of choosing content and voice for this blog. I even put it to you all - do you want to hear about how bad Charter Communications is? About my over two hours on the telephone with them and the 12 different times they terminated the call? About their inability to explain why they had hung up, connect me to the previous consultant, or even consistently advise me on what they could or couldn't do for me?

Well, this article seems to state most of my thoughts nicely. Except to say I'm shocked there are three companies worse than Charter.

In my world there are businesses that will never get my money again. Charter is a proud member of that group.


  1. 9 cents per share?!?! and $20 billion in debt? sounds like someone's due for a bail out.

  2. I had one pleasant experience with Charter. In 13 years. I called to get something ironed out (cha) and ended up talking to a woman in the Philippines during some kind of national holiday. You could hear the party going on in the background, and this girl was very kind. When I told her that my maiden name was Philippino, she invited me to come and visit her country, that she was sure I would enjoy it. She was even helpful with my Charter "issue". Must have been in the holiday spirit.

  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Is there anyone servicing Watertown besides Charter? I've discovered that there is serious geographic collusion going on.



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