Thursday, December 04, 2008

We Like Doug

The resident.

Because when he switched back over to our side of the floor after a few days away, he noticed that the xray that had been scheduled six hours before hadn't happened. He talked and listened to Jen.

The tube isn't too deep inside her. She's just been very uncomfortable. Jen was able to help Zoe do a whole bunch of pooping and a nurse noted that her intubation tube was position incorrectly.

Hopefully this all means a more peaceful baby. There is talk of extubation tomorrow. We'll find out.


  1. wow, Jen, I didn't realize you had this gift...I'm so impressed!

    Seriously, though, we all know God has not and will not abandon Zoe or any of us, so keep your eyes on Him, and you will see His hand at work!

    Praying and waiting,

  2. I like Doug too!! Praying that Zoe has an amazing and healing day today.
    I hope the corrections made make her a much more comfortable and peaceful baby today. Prayers for you guys too.

    Laurie in Ca.



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