Monday, December 08, 2008

Sometimes, They're Wrong Part II

This is Brianna Botts. Her mom is keeping track of her growth and progress through now, her 19th month. They, too, were told she'd die - in 24 hours.

This is Annabel. Annabel has her struggles but she's with us.

Jen and I wonder if a parent was told that yes, they are pregnant with a child which has Trisomy 18, and yes, it is rare and the majority of kids don't make it...but if they were told about Annabel or Brianna or Zoe...shown pictures of those girls..what would they decide? What about you? Would you join the other over 99% of parents and abort? Join with those medical professionals who deem them incompatible with life?


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    I think that there is a very important point to make here.

    It is wonderful that some children with trisomy 18 when given the love, care and medical attention they need, survive for many years.

    The reality is that most will not survive because they are too afflicted OR because the medical team doesn't give them a chance.

    The growing standard in the medical journals is that it is "unethical" to resuscitate a newborn with trisomy 18 if a heart condition is known to exist. Imagine that!! The other thing is that there is an incredible financial stress on this system right now and rationing is being done, covertly.

    So, if your unborn was diagnosed with tri 18 before birth and you know there was little hope beyond a few hours or days, is it worth it?


    I know so many parents whose child lived only a few hours and they would not have given that time up for anything. It certainly is not the case that they hoped for a chance of long term survival, lost and it was all a waste.

    God has purpose for all lives and they are equal in value and independent of longevity.

    I am terribly sad for the parents who do not have the offer or support to carry their baby to term. That time that they will have lost, however short, is life altering. It is a beautiful gift.

    I am glad Zoe is doing better and that the medical team is being so much more cautious.

    Annie's mom

  2. You know what I would do. We take our chances and pray that God would be merciful on our families. Sometimes the incompatable with life happens...and sometimes you get a Zoe. My thoughts and prayers you all...we're "rooting" for you and more importantly Zoe. Back to your question...I can't imagine at least taking a chance to see what wonderful God has sent you. You may only get a few hours or days (as we did) but I can promise whatever you are blessed with it will change your life...forever.

  3. Thanking you so much for getting this out to your readers. This is such the core of this issue! These doctors are these families first source of information. These families are so upset with the devasting news and make very rash decisions without know of precious Zoe, Annabel, Brianna, etc. I do believe Annabel, Zoe, and Brianna are here for a purpose and I have wondered if it is to help change these drs. opinion and somehow help these families know very early that there is a chance. Thank you for such faithful update as we know specifically what Zoe's prayer needs are. Also I love her pictures. Your families love inspires so many. We are all blessed by her presence and fighting spirit.

  4. I pray for Zoe and Annabel regularly and I will add Brianna to my "Super Babies" list. I believe in life, no matter if it is a moment in time or a life time(whatever that may be). I cheer these babies on with all my heart. They bring a powerful message to all of us, straight from the heart of God. He gives and he takes away, but either way the choice is His to be made. I am going to go and read about Brianna, and thank you for introducing her to me. These babies lives are so very important.


  5. Sadly, I am one of those moms that carried a T-18 baby and was given no hope. In 1999 I was pregnant with a baby that the doctors said would not survive. Not only did they say my baby would surely die (no hope given whatsoever), but they also said my health was in jeopardy should the baby die in utero (it was a bleeding problem that originally brought me into the OB's office, and it was this problem that led them to the T-18 discovery). I was so scared and not very brave at all. I knew I couldn't watch my baby die, and I was even scared for my own health. Looking back I see I was not given any resources. The way the medical team gave the explanation was horrific and I am amazed at all these parents who, by their faith, are able to look beyond what the doctors are encouraging them to do. I was strongly encouraged to terminate, and I did. Now here I sit, reading, surfing...wondering....what if?

    These babies are truly a gift and I stand in amazement in all of them and their beautiful families.


  6. I am due in Feb. with a T-18 daughter. thanks so much for your blog!



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