Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In Which The Blogger Loses His Internet

Long story. I guess, for those of you out there, if you want to see me rant, I will gladly give you a blistering rant on Charter Communications and what they have done. So, if anyone wants that and then can compare/contrast to our measured and thoughtful responses to what's been happening here at Children's...just let me know.

I think i'll have you vote on it.

So I lost my internet at home.

And I can't tell you goings on. Sooo sorry. I missed you guys.

Zoe is doing great. Her right upper lobe of her lung is still not great, but her numbers are very good. Doctor Rohit says they are going to go through a delicate process of tinkering with meds to get her oxygen saturation correct. He also explained that studies have been done indicating that lungs do this almost within 1/2 hour of intubation. So...this is common.

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  1. I am sorry to hear this as I am as close to being an internet addict as they come. Blog addict that is. I finally started my own. I missed you here too, and thought something might have been wrong with Zoe. Where is my faith right? I am blessed to read the delicate care with her meds and praying for her lung to gently fill back up and be fine. Praying all day long each day for you guys.




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