Monday, December 29, 2008

Whence The Blog?

How was Christmas?'s good to see Zoe smiling again. She's slowly falling into some kind of crazy sleep/poop rhythm that involves Jen and I never sleeping.

The Pastor at the church we went to Christmas Eve called the children up for blessing. So Zoe got a Christmas Blessing - over and above all of yours.

Can't keep the boys off the Wii.

I was able to see some longstanding blog contributors and spend time with family, warts and all.

Just when I thought we'd have a few minutes inbetween waves of work, it turns out another wave is nigh. So I'm back to working late into the night while I hold baby or else trying to get it done while Jen holds baby.

So many shouts out I want to shout, to all of you all for loving and supporting us, thinking of us in your prayers, for holding us up. When I get half a thought, I'll say more and be clearer.

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  1. It sure is good to read here that things are settling in at the Batiansila home. And it sounds like Zoe's normal functions are returning to normal too:) I am so happy for you guys, every single one of you and I am proud as pie of our Zoe and her will to live. And of course, all of these things wrapped up in the loving arms of our God, who never sleeps. Oh, He is so good!!!!

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.



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