Monday, December 15, 2008

Truth About Blogs II

Jen's advice: make sure we don't kick people for commenting. Everyone commenting has good intentions.

Good advice.

But it's the truth about blogging. We write and respond to that person's writing. I hope no one here is thinking anything past a moment of disagreement and a cross thought.

Feelings get hurt and people disagree. But we all get up and move on. We learn more by dissent than agreement, if you ask me.

I am honored by all of your support. And dissent.


  1. The only thing either one of you could do to upset me is if you stopped sharing your miracle Zoe with us. Other than that, let it rip however you wish to tell your life. I am behind you guys 100%.

    Laurie in Ca.

  2. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Sorry... I still agree with most of what you say. I'll try to disagree a little more :)

    Yay for Christmas news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz, God, let it happen.

    Love, Jen, Jeremy & Jacob Schultz

  3. I totally hear you. Thanks for being one of those bloggers who is determined to share your heart and not go with some shallow entry just to keep commentors at bay. So many times I've been tempted to just quit the whole blogging thing, just because people commenting me totally miss my heart....even my own mother. But I am compelled to write, primarily because it is a chronicle of life and a way to process it without paying someone to sit on a couch and listen to me for an hour each week. =)

    You and Jen are doing heroic things, necessary things, and your family is too. This is a unique and long season for you guys, and you are doing what you have to do to take care of everyone to the best of your ability. You are doing what a good dad would do, and it shows.

  4. Ah yes, Anonymous. The pseudonym of Screwtape, I think...stir, stir the pot.

    We must resist, and keep our eyes on Jesus!

    Continued prayers for Zoe to be home for Christmas.

    ha! my word verification is "watinkl"!



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