Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We'd Like You To Pray, But...

I watched the Saddleback Presidential Debate, and considering how badly Obama lost, I'm happy to know that Rick Warren was asked to give a prayer at the inauguration.

It's also entertaining to watch media types, out of boredom, dig deep and wide to somehow "get" Rick Warren. Just think if they had applied similar scrutiny to the candidates!

See, Rick, we'd like a prayer, but not a Jesus prayer.


  1. i've been following this as well. i get it why obama chose warren, and i get it why obama's most liberal supporters are really hurt by that choice. on the one hand why should we be surprised? obama has never claimed to be anything other than a bible-believing christian (more liberal in his theology than you certainly). on the other hand warren is an odd choice considering he's basically a hopped up fundamentalist.

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I am a Christian and I have to be honest, I'm glad that they are making a non denomination prayer. I am glad that we separate church from state. If fact, I would rather there be no prayer. I voted this November with my Savior and my heart in mind. I know you did the same. Just some food for thought! I am so glad Zoe is home! Still praying!


  3. Natalie,

    I'll, for now, abandon the conversation about whether our government or Constitution were ever formulated with a separation of Church and State in mind.

    My comment was more about the attempts of some to make Jesus someone who lives in a bottle that you rub when you want him to come out.

    We want you to pray, but please, not to Jesus. Even if He is true God, and your God, and the God of the founders of this country, and the God of an overwhelming majority of Americans today.

    Also, if our government is going to spend taxpayer money accumulating sermons so they can show the astounding greatness of Obama , don't you think we're trampling all over Church and State?

    See, when we're looking for sermons, we're rubbing the Jesus bottle and begging him to come out so we can have him sing the virtues and stirring incredible nature of our guy.



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