Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So not true...

To those who think that we are not appreciative...

There have been several posts naming just a few of the many wonderful people who have been here taking care of Zoe and giving her the best they've got...


These are just a few- Make no mistake, we went through some VERY hard times here. Honestly, the heads of the departments were far more upset at their staff than us...You go through so many emotions when it's your child's life on the line...good and bad. I think we have been very clear at showing you what events are occurring and our emotions through those events. Children's has truly been amazing with what they have done, and when things happened that honestly NEVER should have happened, it was corrected immediately.

We thank God daily for the staff at Children's.


  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Thank you so much for thanking the staff at CHW. It is often that so many of us let everyone know what is WRONG and not what is RIGHT. CHW is close to our hearts and the reason that Jacob is with us right now, so we are always glad for some positive publicity :-) Zoe's stats look amazing. A sat of 99%?! Show us how it's DONE, Zoe!!!!!!!

    We love you and are continually praying for your comfort and peace~
    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob Schultz

  2. Gosh you guys,

    There is such a big difference between "venting frustration" and criticism and non appreciation. The focus here is Zoe and I get that completely. Blessings in your new room and continued recovery for sweet Zoe.


  3. Zoe has lots of friends with awesome-sounding names! :) I'm so glad she's doing a bit better! Still praying for you guys! (And may I say, KUDOS on the bottle-taking, Zoe!)

  4. Hey Jen, Greg, and Zoe!

    I have to admit, I was a little sad when I came into work yesterday and saw that you guys were up on the 4th floor... but that means good progress and for that I'm happy! I'm glad to see/hear that Zoe is doing good!
    Continue to keep chugging along Zoe and I hope you are giving those nurses up on the floor a run for their money! :)


    P.S. The clock in 17 has not been acting up since you guys left! :)



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