Monday, December 08, 2008

Hotel PICU

Jen's almost at 14 days at the Hotel PICU. She slept for a bit last night on her bed.
For the first several days, she was cleaning up in a sink until Nurse Beth noticed and got her a Parent's Shower pass.

Jen's here because she loves Zoe, because she knows that Zoe needs her here, and because she knows she was instrumental in the two times Zoe was near death while here.


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Jen, God bless you. I know the experience. My husband and I did round the clock for 6 weeks while the gang partied back home. I don't know how we all got through it. We thought that we would be home any day and never thought it would last for 6 weeks.

    We never understood why we were at the hospital for so long because Annie was on the ward and stable. Since then, we have reflected that likely they were waiting for her to die and besides, the hospital wasn't busy and the government will pay a maximum amount to the hospital for the first 6 weeks. We were there for exactly 6 weeks.

    It will all be worth it and Zoe will be home soon. I wish I lived close enough to help.


  2. Thank God that she was there to watch over your precious angel.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    God bless you JEN!

    karen xo

  4. May God bless you with strength, and courage, Jen. I know too well some of what you are going through. I know that God can also be trusted to care for Zoe. But I know that you can't just go somewhere else and feel OK about being unable to watch over your little one. Especially when you have seen scary stuff, like things being overlooked. Know that I am praying for you, particularly.



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